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    • Invest in Real Estate,
      Build your Future

      Diversify your portfolio and invest through a tech-enabled platform
    • Invest in Real Estate,
      Build your Future

      Diversify your portfolio and invest through a tech-enabled platform

    Get access to prime real estate investment opportunities from the comfort of your home.

    Investing in land and commercial real estate is easier than ever Capitalize makes it possible for retail investors to access quality commercial real estate investment opportunities. Members benefit from our robust tech-driven platform, expertise in identifying and qualifying unique opportunities, and transparency in our process.

    The Best Investment on Earth is Earth.

    – Louis Glickman

    Real estate is a key component in any diversified portfolio.

     The low risk compared to the market volatility and broader return makes it valuable for any diversified portfolio. The ability to take advantage of tax sections like 1031 to avoid capital gain when you reinvest the proceeds in another real estate property is an added benefit.

    Below are some of our diversified projects and properties.

    Prosper Estates

    Price on call
    4 months ago

    The new development project is located in a mixed-use zoning...<a href="" class="epl-more-link">Read More→</a>

    4 months ago

    170 Acres located in 380 Corridor of Frisco, TX (close...<a href="" class="epl-more-link">Read More→</a>

    HUB 380 LP

    Price on call
    4 months ago

    Industrial Development

    Panther Creek Square LP

    Price on call
    4 months ago

    Industrial Development

    Advantages of investing in real estate in the USA

    Top-ranked for most stable and secure countries in the world

    Undervalued compared to many emerging economies

    Changing demographic preferences with more people investing in the USA

    Minimum currency fluctuations, low-interest rates, and no political risks

    Ease of doing business and less risk of a bubble

    Great opportunity to diversify the investment portfolio

    We Apply Data and Culture Driven Insights to Collaborate with Partners and Investors to help Capitalize on the Real Estate Growth in Hot Markets all across the USA.

    Let’s Capitalize!

    From landowners, customers, developers, realtors, technology companies and enthusiasts, to seasoned experts and investors, we collaborate closely to identify opportunities for capital appreciation and portfolio growth.

    With Capitalize, you can achieve your investment goals.

    With just a few simple steps, you can become an exclusive Capitalize member. Using our tech platform, you’ll gain access to our curated and vetted real estate investments. This will give you the flexibility to diversify your portfolio and build the future of your dreams. You’ll benefit from:

    Technology Platform

    With our online portal, members can enable transactions, manage portfolios, and exchange information seamlessly. Members will also be the first to know about new project launches and investment opportunities.


    Investor Market Place

    We provide investors with a means of legally selling their shares in Capitalize projects or other projects. We provide a secondary market for investors who wish to exit or come in later, thereby enhancing liquidity.

    Diverse Portfolio

    Whether you want capital appreciation or recurring monthly income, we have options for you. We have a variety of investment in residential, industrial, multi-family and commercial real estate across various geographies.


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