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    Why invest with us ?

    For a Retail Investor

    An accredited investor or group that wants to invest anywhere from $25K to $1M in Real Estate for capital growth or recurring revenue

    For a Property Owner

    The landlord owns a small or large tract of land in the markets we are interested in and is looking for options to exit or partners that can add value

    Capitalize will

    • Bring a choice of professionally vetted investment options ranging from Land to Residential/Commercial/Retail and Multifamily development across geographic areas with the highest possible ROI

    • Provide a legally secure and seamless experience in acquiring shares in the underlying property

    • Ensure all information required to manage the portfolio of investments is readily available online with options to enter new projects or exit from previously invested projects

    • Analyze various metrics and explore the potential of the opportunity within 48-72 hours and propose a win-win partnership with the owner

    • Provide a legally secure and seamless experience in acquiring shares in the underlying property

    • Bring investors, bankers, engineers, customers, marketing, and other players of the ecosystem together to execute the project and make it profitable for all participants

    Technology Platform

    With our online portal, members can enable transactions, manage portfolios, and exchange information seamlessly. Members will also be the first to know about new project launches and investment opportunities.


    Investor Market Place

    We provide investors with a means of legally selling their shares in Capitalize projects or other projects. We provide a secondary market for investors who wish to exit or come in later, thereby enhancing liquidity.

    Diverse Portfolio

    Whether you want capital appreciation or recurring monthly income, we have options for you. An array of land, residential, industrial, multifamily, & commercial investment opportunities across various geographies will be made available.


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